Saturday, November 9, 2013


 This will forever be one of my favorite shoots and also the hardest.  I tried to hide my tears.  Getting a phone call from one of your best friends saying that her 3 year old has stage 4 neuroblastma cancer is heart wrenching.  I was so lucky to be able to go to their house and capture the kids cute relationship with each other and play with them.  They're very special kids and love each other so much.  Please pray for Beckham and follow his journey at:

Nothing is better than to see your friend turn into an amazing mother who is being the strongest she possibly can for her kids.  You're such an inspiration Sarah and I love you.

Justin + Nicole

 We were in Baton Rouge this summer and my sis in law came for a visit so I was able to take their engagements in a fun, different city!  I usually don't do couples except for family, but every time I do I think to myself why do I shoot kids?!?  It was so fun and so easy!  

 When are we every going to be in Baton Rouge again so this will be a great memory and it was fun seeing the city!  I wish I could shoot here every day!