Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Six days old and just a dream!  I can't get enough of newborns!  They just grow too quickly!  Isn't he handsome!?!  I only have one more opening in March available. 


 If you live up in Davis County, this is the best dance studio.  They just opened up a huge new facility that will blow your mind.  If only I lived up there my daughter would be there!  
I met these girls in downtown SL and we had a blast!!!  These girls are beyond talented and super smart!   
Good luck to you girls at New York Dance Alliance!
Visit their website here


 This little girl was an absolute gem to shoot!  We sure did have a blast and I love one year olds!


 Yes this little guy is such a stud!!! Love him and can't get enough of him!  Excuse me while I keep sessions short and sweet while I catch up on blogging!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!  I had this idea to kiss my kids all over, but next time I'm calling someone with full great lips!  Love my kiddos!
Blakely's valentine for her friends at school turned out so cute!  Love her!
And always thanks to my friend Tiff for designing!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 Every photographer usually despises shooting 3 month olds cuz they don't last long and usually all they can do is lay flat on their backs, but this little girl was an angel and even lasted through 4 or 5 outfit changes!  I love dolling out girls and had a blast with her mom and grandma.
And if you live in UT and haven't heard of Cozette Couture your living in the dark.  Her sister is the owner and this is wear all these awesome headbands came from.  I love them and even own many for my clients to use!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


  I seriously love two year olds and this one can't get any prettier!  She reminds me so much of my daughter and I just love this sassy pants!


 This girl was such a crack up!  We had so much fun and she did amazing for a two year old!  I couldn't love her more!!!