Thursday, November 18, 2010


Such a tiny, darling little guy!  Once we got him to dream land he was good to go! 
He is just adorable like his parents and so sweet. Congrats!!!


Quinn was not sleepy, but he sure was alert!  What a darling little guy, but check out the parents! 

 This brought back memories.  I once stuffed my little girl in this stocking and now she is 2!  How sad!  

Thanks Danny and Annie and he is absolutely going to be a heart breaker!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


 I'm pretty sure if she entered the Gap baby contest she would swipe them!  So many expressions and a beautiful mouth that she likes to keep wide open... Love her!

 And how cool that two best friends had baby girls weeks apart so they could make them be best friends!
Is she real or a doll?!?


 I just love this age and this little doll is special to my heart!  And I love all her beautiful chubb that makes her almost weigh as much as my two year old that needs to gain weight!

Of course we had to get some of big brother!


I think this little man was the most laid back guy ever!  Not even one peep the whole shoot!  

Thanks so much and he's a babe!